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Hello! Welcome to visit our homepage. In there, you may know more owners information and present management issues in the Nova City, Macao. According to the judgement of the Base Court, the Court needn't to intervene the case becuase in the 1st Special General Meeting has been appointed the Administrators of the Union Management Committee and Building Management Committee. Therefore, for protecting the owners rights, the Committee will be authorized to force in the article 1357 of the Civil Code entrusts with the jurisdiction, thus the display management by supervision entity function. Under our striving, many of owners have been signed the housing deeds and the payment issue of signing deeds have been fixed.

We have many things to follow up in the property. The quality of the building management and maintenance have direct influence to the property image and value. In order to protect the owners' benefit, we hope that all owners to hang together, to elaborate our strength to create the high quality community and make the happy homeland.

Huie Wing Hung
Acting Chairman
Nova City Union Management Committee


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