Preparatory Committee Notice No. 6/2010

DATE : 2 October 2010
TO : All Owners of Nova City
FROM : The Chairman of Nova City Owners Convention Preparatory Committee
Subject : The Notice of 1st Special Owners Genera Meeting
    ¡@¡@According to the number 3 of article 1344 of Civil Code, article 21 of Nova City Building Regulation and the Resolution of the Preparatory Committee on July 15 & September 9, we hereby announce the convening of the First Special Condominium General Meeting of the apartment owners or relative people of the Nova City. The captioned meeting will be held on Friday, 12th November 2010 at 7:00pm, in Function Room of Nova City Clubhouse. The Agenda of the meeting is as follows:
    To elect a Chairman, a Vice-chairman and a Secretary of the Presidium of General Meeting, authorize them to edit and sign the minutes;
    To deliberate and pass the Preparatory Committee Annual Report and confirm the minutes for the 5th Usual Meeting of Preparatory Committee;
    To elect the members of Union Management Committee and Part A to O of Building Management Committee. Tenure of office is 2 years. The nominate name list is attached;
    To deliberate and pass whether to authorize two groups of appointed members of the Union Administration Committee to apply 2 Macau Patacas Saving and 1 Current Accounts in BNU for the forming an Operational Fund of the Committee with their joint-signatures and stamp to enabling withdraw, transfer and canceling bank accounts etc;
    To deliberate and pass on the formation of ¡§Nova City Owners Corporation¡¨and ¡§Nova City Revising Committee¡¨;
    To pass to establish a communal reserve fund, not less than 10% of the receivable management fee, and order the Management Institution to return the related fund to the Convention for handle, as well as represents all owners through authorized the Meeting Convener, Chou On Sek or the Committee Members according to the person to apply ¡§The Building Management Subsidization Plan in the Housing Bureau;
    To deliberate and pass the ¡§Budget of Nova City 2010¡¨ and ¡§Budget of Preparation Committee 2010¡¨;
    To deliberate and pass the ¡§Nova City Audit Report Annual 2007 & 2008¡¨ and ¡§Nova City Financial Report Annual 2008 & 2009¡¨;
    To deliberate whether the owners membership of residential, commercial and social facility have to pay Five Hundred Macau Patacas (MOP$500), the owners membership of parking space(s) have to pay One Hundred Macau Patacas (MOP$100) for purpose to forming the Committee Operational Fund;
    To elect and designate a lawyer who to be the legal consultant for represent the owners. The Tender Evaluation Report is attached;
    Any other business and read out the resolution of meeting.
    ¡@¡@You are cordially invited to attend the meeting. The Chairman will hold the meeting on Saturday, November 13 in the same time and same place according to the article 1347 of Civil Code if one hour later was still short of the quorum. The Meeting will be attended majority vote of all people to make the resolution according to number 4 of the identical article of stipulation.

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